What are the objectives of the Society?


  • It will encourage the study of archaeology and history in the New Forest, with particular reference to projects undertaken by its members.


  • It will run the annual excavation, formerly undertaken by the Hampshire Field Club (HFC), and will maintain a team ready to undertake rescue archaeology on a small scale in the Forest.


  • It will publish an annual report of work in the Forest and it will produce reports of the survey and other projects undertaken. The annual report will be free to members, and other publications may be acquired by members at cost.


  • It will encourage individual fieldwork in the Forest and will maintain the New Forest Archaeological Database (which at present covers more than three thousand sites).


  • It will hold occasional lectures and field outings, but the bulk of the work will be of a practical nature.


  • It will maintain and update the Forestry Commission's archaeological maps and will provide the service formerly given by HFC in the marking of sites vulnerable to forestry and engineering works.


  • It will work closely with the National Park's archaeologist in fostering the understanding and protection of the Forest's cultural heritage.


NFHAG is registered Charity (No 1160219)