Drivers' Map - Second Edition, 1814


In 1789, a Royal Commission published a report on the New Forest. The report was accompanied by the first detailed map of the Forest; the scale was four inches to one mile. The map was based on surveys undertaken in 1786/87 by Thomas Richardson, William King, Abraham Driver and William Driver. It is commonly known as "Drivers' map". Below, you can download scanned sections of the Second Edition of Drivers' map, published in 1814. A monochrome hardcopy of the map was kindly provided by Anthony Pasmore. The formal title of the map is:



"A Plan of His Majesty's Forest, called the New Forest, in the County of Southampton. Laid down from surveys undertaken by Thos. Richardson, Wm. King and ABm. and Wm. Driver. By order of the Commissioners of the Land Revenue, appointed by Act of Parliament passed in the 26th year of King George III. Engraved and published by order of the said Commissioners, by William Faden, Geographer to the King, MDCCLXXXIX".

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The map has been scanned in 18 sections; there is considerable overlap between the sections. A section is identified by the prefix "n", "c" or "s" (north, central, south), followed by the number - i.e. the top left section is "n1". A brief description of the content of each map is in the table below.




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decide which map section you require. Click its link and the map will open in a new browser window. The map can be saved to your hard disk after viewing by right-clicking the map image and selecting the "Save Picture As" option.


Map Section                Location/Comments


n1                                Godshill; Sloden; Linwood


n2                                Fritham; Eyeworth; Ocknell


n3                                Bramble Hill; Minstead; Brook


n4                                Bartley; Table of Officers of the Forest


n5                                Title


n6                                Title


c1                                Burley; Bolderwood; Holmsley


c2                                Rhinefield; Bolderwood; Holidays Hill


c3                                New Park; Lyndhurst (W); Acres Down


c4                                Lyndhurst (E); Ashurst; Ferny Crofts; Whitley


c5                                Table of Walks; Ipley; Beaulieu Heath; Holbury


c6                                Table of Walks; Hardley


s1                                Wooton, Wilverley; Map Legend


s2                                Aldridgehill; Hincheslea; Map Legend


s3                                Boldre; Brockenhurst


s4                                Norley; Beaulieu


s5                                Beaulieu River and Heath; Exbury; Holbury


s6                                Hardley; Holbury; Langley










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