The New Forest Notes 2018


January 2018 - The Verderers and the Great War - 1918; Foulford and the Zeigler memorial passage.


February 2018 - Raymond Bennett - death of a remarkable agister;Old Sloden.


March 2018 - Mr Bartlett's Toad; Ridge and furrow; "The Journal of Lousia Lushington 1821-1822".


April 2018 - Forest grazing stock numbers; Money for historical research.


May 2018 - Neglect of the Forest's historic sites; Franchise Wood; Strange priorities; Training courses.


June 2018 - "Forest First" or recreation planning by popular vote; Woodland regeneration experiment; Encroachments committee.


July 2018 - The latest stream filling projects in the forest; Filming in the Forest; Pylons.


Aug 2018 - New Forest Notes not published.


Sep 2018 - New Forest Notes not published.


Oct 2018 - The Forest through different eyes; Cow problems; Housing dispute; East Boldre village shop.


Nov 2018 - Verderers' Election 2018; New books on the Forest;


Dec 2018 - Pony drifts and declining Forest skills; Fencing of Forest camps and car parks; The non-election of Verderers


New Forest Notes 2017


January 2017 - The Verderers and the Great War 1917;


February 2017 - New Forest Association anniversary; Denny Lawn and decaying passages; Railway land;


March 2017 - Maldwin Drummond; No hope for Mark Ash Wood; Animal accidents;

Holly pollarding;


April 2017 - The new Official Verderer; The Verge Protection Officer; Recreational Management Strategy review;


May 2017 - An unusual spring; Curlews under seige; Lyndhurst bypass; Underground electricity lines; Coastal path - Highcliff to Calshot;


June 2017 - The railway legacy; Ex-inclosures and the Forest's pony drift;


July 2017 - National Park's recreation plans; Ancient history; Water in the Forest.


August 2017 - The coastal path consultation; The vanishing meadow at Queen's House; Ordnance Survey 25" maps of the New Forest; Ashurst Hospital development land;


September 2017 - Forest stream filling projects for 2018; New Forest Association 150th Anniversary; The National Trust - a new round of felling;


October 2017 - Public behaviour in the Park; Trees; Courtroom improvements; Explosives;


November 2017 - National Park Societies Conference; Property access problems; A new book on the Forest; Night-time violation of the Forest.


December 2017 - The Forest's deteriorating tracks and drains; Pony and cattle collars; A different view on public use of the Forest.

New Forest Notes 2016


December 2016 - Latchmore Brook planning decision; The search for a new Official Verderer.


November 2016 - The Member of Parliament and the HLS Scheme; Verge protection.


October 2016 - The National Trust and the Forest's landscape; The Verderers' Courtroom; Mushroom picking ban; Presentments;


September 2016 - More guidance for Forest property owners; Crown Keepers of the New Forest; Box gates; Latchmore's ancient history in peril.


August 2016 - The New forest and Brexit; Drones; Hill forts in the New Forest; Where can you put up a fence?;


July 2016 - The Open Spaces Society; Stone piles; Raymond Stickland; New Forest Notes on the internet; A bridge too many;


June 2016 - Hardwood versus conifers; Selling the Forest; Dogs and deers; Longbeech cottage and Markway rifle range.


May 2016 - Holly problems; The non-April fool; An unknown neighbour.


April 2016 - History inscribed on the Forest; Road litter and fly-posting; New Forest inclosure design plans.


March 2016 - Mark Ash Wood and chainsaw jaws; Roman charcoal.


February 2016 - Lost cottages for Forest workers; ; Rifle ranges; A dying deer.


January 2016 - The Verderers and the Great War - 1916; Reckless flying; Correction.



New Forest Notes 2015


December 2015 - Fireworks and the Forest; Beaulieu dams; Uncontested Verderers' election; Awards for Forest service; Christmas berries.


November 2015 - The great Latchmore engineering exhibition; Free access to classic Forest maps; An ancient cattle drift; Verderers' election date.


October 2015 - Forest rubbish; More about acorns; The new planning authority verderer.


September 2015 - An expensive and vanishing pond; New Forest cavalty; The acorn threat.


August 2015 - New Forest election; New disputes from old roots; Excavating the Forest's distant past.


July 2015 - The Forest's new subsidy regime; A girl in a photograph; Draft Recreation Management Memorandum of Understanding.


June 2015 - The latest stream filling projects; Acres Down; Roman Burley.


May 2015 - The New Forest Association; Matley; Inclosure drains.


April 2015 - Counter attractions to the New Forest; Pylons again; Villager's victory over cycle routes; The twin forests.


March 2015 - Hale Purlieu - exploitation of a tranquil area; Death of a Deputy Surveyor; Placenames; Shadows from the Cold War.


February 2015 - The price of the Forest's grazing grounds; Sims and saints; The end of the pylons.


January 2015 - The Verderers and the Great War - 1915; Closure of the Christopher Tower Library.



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