New Forest Notes 2014


December 2014 - Listening to the green roots of the Forest; More cycling promotion; Horses and the Sycamore killer; Holly and acorns.


November 2014 - The story of beehives past and present; Changes to the single payment scheme; Poison in the green bag.


October 2014 - A new man at the top; Money for Forest research; Fear of distant traffic.


September 2014 - Stream filling - restoration or destruction?; Where wagons no longer roll.


August 2014 - A Forest anniversary; Razors in the heathers; Park chairman.


July 2014 - The ancient past of a Forest cemetery; Oil shale report; Return of the Tuley tubes.


June 2014 - The wreckage in the Forest's Ancient woods; The mystery of a vanished cottage.


May 2014 - New light on the making of the New Forest; Another bomb; The tale of a dead cow.


April 2014 - New Forest ponies – endangered breed or exploding population?; The Verderers and the Great War – 1914.


March 2014 - Stalking horse trails in the New Forest; Avoidable conflicts in the Forest; The tourist attraction.


February 2014 - The Forest's forgotten black gold; Forest maps and an unexplained anomaly; Legacy of the Christmas storms; Good news for the memorial yews of Sloden.


January 2014 - Undoing seventy years of good work at Hampton Ridge; Cycle routes; The man who made duck ponds; Progress for the Friends of Latchmore.




New Forest Notes 2013


June 2013 - Last New Forest Notes; The Verderers' Court.


May 2013 - The Commoners' Housing row; The last locust tree?; An unexplained carving


April 2013 - Ditching the Forest road verges; The wrecking of Dames Slough Inclosure and the camping threat; Private enterprise litter clearance.


March 2013 - The future of forestry and the New Forest; The great freeze and the appalling wet; A bridge of anger.


February 2013 - European CAP reform and the New Forest; A private gravel mountain; Developments over stream filling.


January 2013 - Why the home fires fail to burn; The winter fires of the 19th century; Myotonia; Camp site survey.



New Forest Notes 2012


December 2012 - Deceiving the enemy; Islands Thorns Inclosure; The election that never was; The Browning Version.


November 2012 - Disputed Forest roads; Air photographs of the New Forest; A disappointing electoral register; The ins and outs of camp wardens; Ash die-back disease.


October 2012 - The drift season and livestock numbers; Disruptive noise in the Forest; The Roundhill water tower; A Bramshaw discovery; Somerley Estate catalogue.


September 2012 - Progress for the Friends of Latchmore; Changes at the Verderers' Court; A forgotten anniversary.


August 2012 - Another government threat to the New Forest; Deaths of two Forest champions; Youth groups and litter; Verderers' records.


July 2012 - The curious case of the common for sale; Latchmore Brook again; Chemical spraying in the Forest.


June 2012 - How to run a Verderers' election; Verderers' office on the move; The Roman New Forest; Ponies who leave litter.


May 2012 - Park plans for more cycle routes; Forestry Commission Verderer leaving; The forgotten road to nowhere.


April 2012 - The New Forest's shabby courtroom; Riding the perambulation; Who killed Annie?; A good winter for Forest ponies.


March 2012 - The new subsidy scheme for the Forest; The battle of Latchmoor Brook; The end of the cow's tale; Good deed in Wilverley.


February 2012 - How to encourage more Forest tourism; Dumped animals; The secret life of a Forest cow.


January 2012 - A wet walking tour and a classic Forest book; The great burial ground; Stallions in 2012.




New Forest Notes 2011


December 2011 - Government cuts and a second monthly marking fee increase; The aftermath of stream filling projects; The Boldre land exchange; Latchmore.


November 2011 - Changes to Higher Level Stewardship Scheme; Cycle route progress; Aldridge Hill campsite; Jeff Kitcher memorial; Coxhill Lodge proposed land exchange; New stream filling projects.


October 2011 - The cycle trespass menace; Land exchange; Security against damage to the Forest.


September 2011 - Bending the rules at the National Park; Encroachment on common land; The absent minister and the sale yard; Acorns, apples and pigs; Foals.


August 2011 - Who is to run the New Forest in future?; Pannage - new enforcement for old rules; Rubber oak tree, sand pits and other nonsense.


July 2011 - Damage to the Forest's historic sites; Vacuum cleaner in a bog; Travellers; Headquarters buildings arrive too late.


June 2011 - Changes at the Verderers Court; Grit bins; Two more steps for urban mankind.


May 2011 - Retirement of the Official Verderer; The fires of 1976; Defiling the Forest's stream; The pigmy in the pond.


April 2011 - Change at the helm of the Forest; Destructive rabbits; Pea gree signs; The vanished bunker; Penny Moor and the Bishop's Dyke.


March 2011 - The phoney war of the Forestry Commission; Dambusting; The Avon Water circle.


February 2011 - The end of the Forestry Commission in the New Forest?; Choosing a new chairman for the Verderers' Court; Killing the Silver Stream.


January 2011 - The venison of Christmas past; Ancient trees in Knightwood Inclosure; Salted roads; Diversion of the Lymington River.



New Forest Notes 2010


December 2010 - The marking fee increases; Pig nesting; Holly Hutch - the end of the generator?; Fly-posting the Forest.


November 2010 - Spending the Forest's Stewardship money; Dog attack; The end of the wells?; Funding the Verderers.


October 2010 - Information on forest's subsidies; Tree diseases; Early pigs; Warwickslade drainage and new stream engineering projects.


September 2010 - Misinformation and the origin of common rights; Acorns, hay and the pony market; Ticks; The invisible Verderer.


August 2010 - Stewardship money and the threat to forest's historical sites; Money for old concrete; Health and safety debris.


July 2010 - The forest boundary question; The Park recreation plan; Kingfishers in a sick dream; Death of a forest pony.


June 2010 - A design plan for the Open Forest; Ground nesting birds; Stallions; Sustainable building on the Forest.


May 2010 - Forest ponies surviving a tough winter; Sally Cordwell; Tightening the net on bovine tuberculosis.


April 2010 - Natural England's Verderer; How offensive is the Rufus Stone?; Cleaning a filthy Forest; The trench on Great Witch.


March 2010 - National Park's plans for running Forest recreation; Verderer's Stewardship scheme passes the starting line; A stickly welcome; Tailing.


February 2010 - The decline of the New Forest Keeper;Bovine tuberculosis in the Forest; A338 closure stopped.


January 2010 - Quad bikes in the Forest; Warwickslade troubles; Dog racing exclusion zone; A fresh programme of stream filling projects; Burley New Inclosure.



New Forest Notes 2009


December 2009 - New elected member for the Verderer's court; The Verderer's Higher Level Stewardship scheme; Lyndhurst Cemetery.


November 2009 - A permanent resting-place for the National Park; Harvest your own bracken; A rabbit's victim; Driving instructors versus the highway code;


October 2009 - The Busketts Lawn Bomber; Verderer's Election;The Warwickslade railway; Juliette Bairacli Levy.


September 2009 - NewForest Stewardship Agreements and beyond; More trouble at Islands Thorns.


August 2009 - Park changes; Rabbits and bracken; The future of Forestry Commission land; Oakley Inclosure.


July 2009 - The National Park and its critics;

The railway threat; Mallard Mead.


June 2009 - Spedeque's Dropper & Arthur Conan Doyle; Chaos and congestion at Fritham; Change at the Commoner's Defence.


May 2009 - A mobile shop for the Forest's camps?; Little Eye Green; Warwickslade discoveries.


April 2009 - The Forest community on display; The two hundred year memory; A terrible death; A chance to make amends;


March 2009 - When is a commoner not a commoner?; A foal-less spring; Shave Green gipsey camp; VIPS at the Verderer's Court.


February 2009 - The agister and the enemy bombs; The decline of the Inclosures; Disappearance of the Forest's perambulation;


January 2009 - Killing ponies and cattle on the Forest's roads; Warwickslade Cutting; Lyndhurst Golf Course;






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