New Forest Notes 2008


December 2008 - What the Forestry Commission wants from the Park Plan; Damaging the Forest's historic sites; Commoners' Defence membership.


November 2008 - Trouble at the Park; Wreckers from the railway; Solution to the Storm Bushes puzzle; The road-signs rash spreads.


October 2008 - A new society for the New Forest; Stormy bushes; More bells; Public comment invited; Marking fees.


September 2008 - The Horsekeepers Revolt;

The Atlas Project; An important discovery of Forest placenames; Cowbells and buckets.


August 2008 - The National Park Plan; New rules for Forest horsekeeping.


July 2008 - Oil - the forgotten threat beneath the Forest; Will Parke; Lord Manners; Keeping the Lyndhurst deer in.


June 2008 - An obsession with access; Agisters' areas; Stealth-widening to meet its Waterloo?; Camp site abuse.


May 2008 - Headquarters building for the Park; Money down the drain; Lyndhurst bypass down for a generation.


April 2008 - New Forest words and placenames; The early camper; Park Plan - the final event;  Faster verge driving.


March 2008 - Crown Lands Management Plan; Lyndhurst Bypass meeting cancelled; Verderers' Chairman.


February 2008 - Replacing the Official Verderer; Lottery bid collapse; Car park developments; The Forest's coastal archaeology.


January 2008 - The Park's gamble over aircraft noise; Arrows from the past; Lottery problems; Christmas damage; The Minister's Mandate.


New Forest Notes 2007


December 2007 - Straight talking on the Forest camp sites; Triangles and cards; An inevitable leak?; Pay early for the discount.


November 2007 - Extra financial support for New Forest Commoners; Park plan workshop; Drift visitors.


October 2007 - Precious wilderness or suburban park; More signs for the Forest; The changing character of Forest villages; Island Thorns.


September 2007 - Development of shops in the camp sites; Badgers and bovine TB; The road to nowhere; John  Broughton.


August 2007 - Trouble in the camps; The planning Verderer; The commoning review.


July 2007 - Tuberculosis in the Forest; Ashley Lodge and the Burnsteads; New Forest picture Exhibition; The Forestry Commission's management plan; An end to the Forest's drainage.


June 2007 - The Minstead Manor Case; Sir Michael Heathcote; Changes in the Enjoyment Department; Losing the lost landscapes;


May 2007 - The burning question; Camp plans withdrawn; Incomprehensible jargon; Access to commoners' houses.


April 2007 - How to build a Lyndhurst bypass; The Commoners' disappearing millions;


March 2007 -  Vanishing 20th Century Forest History; The root of evil; Animal accidents;


February 2007 - The Commoners' Housing Scheme; New Forest Transport conference; Weakening of camp site controls.


January 2007 - A31 road: CPRE hears no evil; The Park and the Archaeologist; Special qualities of the New Forest; Graffiti; Acorn deaths and the pannage extension.


New Forest Notes 2006


December 2006 - No change in the Verderers' Court; Stream filling at Brockenhurst; South view and John Wise; The Commoning Review; Echo of a distant past.


November 2006 - Planning the end of the Forest's plantations; Verderers' election; Pig mania; The end of the local meetings?; Cattle marking.


October 2006 -  Park's corporate Plan for the New Forest; Evidence of camping in the Bronze Age and later; Acorns; Road widening by stealth;


September 2006 - Eyeworth wood - firewood to beetle fodder; Resident rage; New Forest paintings.


August 2006 - Changing the course of the Lymington River; The Great Hole of Slufters;


July 2006 - The ravaging of Kings Copse; The camp site paradox; Abandonment of the Minister's Mandate?; Good news on power lines.


June 2006 - Holmsley Lodge and the Campsites; Selling the family silver.


May 2006 - Farming in the park; Last of the strong-arm silverculturalists; More National Trust land; Changes to an ancient landscape.


April 2006 - A new threat to the Forest's protection; single Farm Payment; Brands; Rubbish.


March 2006 - Verderers' Election 2006; The forest in the Seventeenth Century; Foxbury; Continuing saga of the Forest campsite plans.


February 2006 - The Mystery of Duckhole Bog; Imposing the national park plan; Buggy rider prosecuted; Gig Alford.


January 2006 - The Bolderwood Honeypot; What the visitors say; Fuelwood complexities; Forest logos




New Forest Notes 2005


December 2005 - Parish Council's Lyndhurst Bypass; Minstead Manor; Temporary peace.


November 2005 - First six months of the Forest Park; Driver's Map; Window to a lost Forest landscape; A filthy forest.


October 2005 - The contrasting fortunes of two forests; John Lavender; Who will run the Forest's camps?; The signboard epidemic.


September 2005 - Party politics in forest management; Forest iron working; The 2005 drift season; Beyond the camp site boundary.


August 2005 - How to understand the Forest's management; Ashurst Cricket Pitch; Verderers policies for the future of the New Forest; A Lyndhurst building site?


July 2005 - Restoring Turf Hill; Markway compromise; Progress of the campsite applications.


June 2005 - Managing Lyndhurst Course - sensible maintenance or reckless vandalism?; Dames Slough; New forest Association leaflet.


May 2005 - Further decline of the National Trust's Commons; Landscape versus conservation; The New Forest Trust.


April 2005 - New farming subsidies for the Forest; Death of the New Forest Committee; A strange set of values.


March 2005 -  The last of the council Verderers; How the National Park will be run; Charging for horse riding; Draghunting - round two; Stallions.


February 2005 - Money for Horsekeepers; Hyde Common mystery; Commoners' Defence chairman; Battle of the campsites; Beatrice Tame.


January 2005 - The disappearing inclosures; The Design Forum - Round 2; Camp site forces preparing for battle;


New Forest Notes 2003


December 2003 - Kingston Great Common;  The New Forest Museum Library; Verderers Election 2003 result; Death of the Allotments.


November 2003 - American travels of a forest picture; The "Progress Project"; Brian Ingrem; The drought; Planning double standards.


October 2003 - Trouble in the Wetlands; Lyndhurst Bypass; Record candidate numbers?; Agri Environment Scheme and new agisters; The broomy Plain road.


September 2003 - The vanishing reseeded areas; Dead animal collection service; Strategic cycle routes; Abusing the Forest.


August 2003 - Two new Verderers; Stallions mares and foals; Election 2003; Official Verderers.


July 2003 - New forest Strategy Launch; Longslade cycle bridges; Last chance on the right to roam; June Irvine.


June 2003 - Greenhill copse and the Commoner's rights; The Fockersperger FSP 17; No apology from the Countryside Agency.


May 2003 - Destruction of Highland Water?; Railway Questions; Freda Harding.


April 2003 - Government support for Forest grazing; The departing Deputy Surveyor; Waste wood; A unique photo opportunity.


March 2003 - New Forest rubbish tips; The Lyndhurst Golf Course; Lost visitors; Recording the Forest's past.


February 2003 -  Upgrading the Forest's campsites; Ralph Hayward; Exposing the A31.


January 2003 - The New Forest and the Hunting Bill; The new Deputy Surveyor; Maintaining controls on Forest commerce; The pig's tale.





New Forest Notes 2004


December 2004 - The hunting ban and the Forest; The great campsite debate; Markway Swamp.


November 2004 - Rewriting the Forest's laws; Respecting park purposes.


October 2004 - More broken Park promises?; Battlefield at Highland Water; Acorns; Longslade cycle bridges.


September 2004 - Helicopters in the Forest; Battle of the Wetlands; Misinformation on the camp sites; Researching the Forest's past.


August 2004 - A Park to please nobody; Commoners Passage; Private capital for the Forest's camp sites?


July 2004 - Continuing Life III battles; Recording the history of the Forest's commons; Donn Small.


June 2004 - Remembering Gerald Lascelles; The Progress Project; A vanished landmark; Meals on wheels.


May 2004 - Headquarters for the National Park; The NFA in Colour; Ancient history under threat.


April 2004 - Neglect of the National Trust's Commons; Minister's visit to the Forest; Environment Agency Consultation.


March 2004 - The end of the Knightwood Inclosure; The Forest's forgotten military sites; New Forest Notes and the internet.


February 2004 - Money for New forest Farming; Official litter.


January 2004 - The Verderers in the High Court; Flood reservoirs in the Forest?; Lost statistics from the past.

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