New Forest Notes 2002


December 2002 - Picket Post past and present; Cattle marking; Orienteering; A century of killing.


 November 2002 - Realising Lyndhurst's dream of an outer bypass; Wartime forest photos; Two deputy Surveyors.


October 2002 - Resolving the Forest's

recreation disputes; Access plans fiasco; A curious land exchange;.


September 2002 - Opening up the Forest's private heaths; Agister's accident; The dying hollies; Weakening protection of the national parks.


August 2002 - Cutting the Verderers' income; Restoring the Inclosures; National Trust conservation Grazing Scheme; Park inquiry duration and scope.


July 2002 - Strategy for the New Forest; Protecting the Forest's past; 377 Park representations.



New Forest Notes 2001


December 2001 - Richardson, King and Driver's New Forest Map; Blocked trackways; Pony condition; National Park announcement.


November 2001 - Helping the Forest to recover; Rifle ranges; Pannage off and pannage on again; Earth on the move.


October 2001 - The legacy of foot and mouth disease; The Management Plan 2001-2006; District Councils and the National Park; Cow marking.


September 2001 - National Park consultation; Long sleep of a Lyndhurst resident; Blocking a loophole in the Forest’s protection; Drifts.


August 2001 - Danger in New Forest camp sites; CROW Act to control horse riders?; Water company’s achievements.


July 2001 - The ultimate New Forest book; Dogs; The plastic Forest.


June 2001 - Dogs and the Right to Roam; Secret graves; Forest seats and a golf course.


May 2001 - Reopening the Forest to recreation; The plight of local horseowners; The shape of the National Park; Beaulieu Road Saleyard.


April 2001 - Foot & Mouth and the Forest; A tale of Foot & Mouth in the 1890s; Antique maps of the New Forest; The returning goblet.


March 2001 - The dream of a larger New Forest; New light on Scots pines.


February 2001 - Nonsense at Ashley Lodge; What to do about stallions; Auction of Forest history.


January 2001 - Fudging the National Park question; The Forestry Commission & the Verderers; Animal condition; Erosion restoration.

New Forest Notes 2000


December 2000 - New Verderers – old problems; Marking Fees; Estovers; Verderer for five days.


November 2000 - Teaching the commoners about National Parks; Holmsley Crossing Cottage and common rights; Verderers’ election.


October 2000 - The roots of Forest evil; New Park Camp; Road widening by stealth; Heywood Sumner exhibition.


September 2000 - The future of Forest recreation; Parish councils to represent the commoners?; Yernagates Nap.


August 2000 - Messages from the National Parks; Is a wagon ride a “facility”; Running the Verderers’ Court; Forest speed limit.


July 2000 - The Park and the New Forest Show; Charging Forest exhibitors at the Show; Verderers’ election – register at the show; New Forest Committee report 1999-2000.


June 2000 - Forest Design Plan Forum; Verderers’ decision of draghunting; A curious Spring.


May 2000 - Verderers and the subsidy problem; The 1960s Forest in colour; Countryside & Rights of Way bill.


April 2000 - New grazing controls for common land; New draghunting proposals; The market for ponies; The commoners and the Countryside Agency.


March 2000 - New recreation facilities for the Forest; Aircraft beacons; Alice in the National Park; Old woods saved.


February 2000 - Draghunting and the Park; The Verderers & the Park; Car park problems; Mobile phone masts.


January 2000 - Grim secrets of Newlands Plantation; Wrecking of Forest rides; Commoners and the National Park; Life III.


New Forest Notes 1999


December 1999 - Centenary publication of a forgotten manuscript; New Forest Association Park meeting; Verderers’ website; Draghunting review.


November 1999 - Preparing to oppose the National Park; Bombing the New Forest Museum; Foreman Durnford and the Monkey Puzzle tree.


October 1999 - Drag hunting versus the foxhounds; Cycle network review; Urban seats.


September 1999 - Verderers’ money problems; Forest design plans; Verderers’ byelaws.


August 1999 - Planning for life after the hunt; Alderhill Bridge; New life for “East Boldre”; Mire restoration bogged down; New Forest Association website.


July 1999 - Publicity for the Verderers; “Outrageous behaviour” over Forest seminar; Silence at Holly Hatch.


June 1999 - Return of the concrete crushers; Creating a miniature New Forest; Deer problems.


May 1999 - How a National Park would work; The consequences of establishing the New Forest Park.


April 1999 - Burley developments past and present; The price of propaganda; Restoring a forgotten landscape.


March 1999 - Will Verderers now support the National Park?; The internet forest; Verderers’ inclosures.


February 1999 - ADAS report on marketing Forest livestock; Mire restoration; Gobbledygook.


January 1999 - Clearing the Forest’s exotic trees; Bridge problems; New Forest Museum.



New Forest Notes 1998


December 1998 - New Forest stakeholder conference; Commoners Defence Association; Mandate settlement.


November 1998 - Bechstein’s Minister; The new Official Verderer; Heather bales in Bishop’s Dyke.


October 1998 - Violation of an Iron Age visit; An uncertain Autumn; Mobile phones.


September 1998 - Return of the camp shop dispute; Bombs; Dio; Special Verderers’ Court.


August 1998 - Collapse of the Minister’s Mandate; Saving Thompson’s Castle; Linwood cycle problems.


July 1998 - Memoirs of a Victorian Deputy Surveyor; Owning the common; Selling former Forest land.


June 1998 - New legislation for the Forest; Forest design plans; Europe’s Forest investigation.


May 1998 - Jean Cobb’s New Forest battle; The Holmsley Ridge dilemma.


April 1998 - Forest pony and cattle numbers; New Forest Committee proposals; The silent motorway?


March 1998 - Is same as April 1998


February 1998 - Preparing for the Park battle; Ogdens Purlieu; More cycle pressure.


January 1998 - Return of the National Park; Collapse of the pony market; End of an era.


New Forest Notes 1997


December 1997 - Additional public meetings for Verderers; Departing Deputy Surveyor; Decline of the camp shops; Inclosure management agreement.


November 1997 - Verderers’ election; Colin Tubbs; Maladministration at Balmer Lawn.


October 1997 - Commerce in the Forest; Parking curtailed; Grazing licences; Life money; Turf Hill; E. Coli 0157.


September 1997 - Forest hunting to continue; Pony collars; Ragwort; Forest maps.


August 1997 - Five million pound Forest overhaul; Hunting; Chalk; Aerial update.


July 1997 - Remote areas mirage; Another aerial; The Forest at the Show.


June 1997 - Peace in the New Forest Association; New Forest books; Brown signs.


May 1997 - Colt-hunting under pressure; The Walter Copse ram; Purlieus; Brand deposits.


April 1997 - The Forest and the General Election; Life money; Turf Hill; E. Coli 0157


March 1997 - Forest parking charges; A forgotten landscape; Rams.


February 1997 - The New Forest Association; The water wizard; Pony killers?


January 1997 - Animal welfare politics; A watery grave; Forest of signs.


New Forest Notes 1996


December 1996 - Animal welfare politics; A watery grave; Forest of signs.


November 1996 - One more Agister; European control of the Forest; Verderers’ records.


October 1996 - The Queen’s Forest; The Bedlam Forest; Dying heathland.


September 1996 - Verderers’ accounts for 1995; Raining hay; (then a lodge topic?)


August 1996 - Forest pony brands and the Atlas of Rights.


July 1996 - The Forest’s ancient history; Eighteen million visits; Plantation negotiations.


June 1996 - Dead and buried; BSE and the New Forest; Europe in the New Forest; The urban park.


May 1996 - Character trees versus timber production; Litter; Managing the ancient woods (small portion missing, needs transcribing).


April 1996 - Mountain bikers’ Forest victory; Strangles in New Forest ponies; The degenerating commons.


March 1996 - Closing the Mark Ash road; Forest car park charges; Acorn deaths – see March 95.


February 1996 - Houses for commoners; Pony passports; A31 vandalism; Hardwood fellings.


January 1996 - Mountain bike settlement; The Queen’s fortress; The Verderers’ Office


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