New Forest Notes 1995


December 1995 - Animal welfare politics; A watery grave; Forest of signs.


November 1995 - The Great Ice Cream Dispute; Indestructible dung; New charities for the Forest.


October 1995 - Lyndhurst bypass – the last chance?; Victorian Forest diaries; Cycle litigation.


September 1995 - Ponies in the drought; Bloodthirsty killer at New Forest Committee; Twitchers.


August 1995 - Wartime secrets of the Forest; Verderers; Rabbits.


July 1995 - The New Forest Museum; “Forest Reflections”; How to run the New Forest.


June 1995 - Pony welfare inspections; Charging for horse riding.


May 1995 - Confrontation with the Forestry Commission; Turf Hill landscaping; Ponynapping.


April 1995 - Select Committee to visit the Forest; Peace in Bramshaw; Conservation truce; Secrets of the timber producer.


March 1995 - March 95 and March 96 seem to be same doc; this file titled March 95.


February 1995 - Cycle parks versus wilderness; Oak Cottage land exchange; Verderers’ Clerk.


January 1995 - The end of the pannage pig?; Echoes of a military past; How much damage do riders do?


New Forest Notes 1994


December 1994 - The tale of two reservoirs; Lyndhurst bypass – the next round; Diseased sheep.


November 1994 - The secretive Forest; Felling and thinning; Animal accidents.


October 1994 - Villages for sale; Tightening Forestry Commission rules; New grazing incentive scheme.


September 1994 - Barbara de Seyssel; Verderers versus Forestry Commission.


August 1994 - No National Park Committee for the New Forest; Mountain bike war.


July 1994 - East Boldre – a story of an illegal village; Living with the enemy?; Voting for the Forest.


June 1994 - Damage to Holmsley Inclosure; Holiday Hills reptiliary; Nesting notices and a bovine problem.


May 1994 - Road threat to the Forest; Poisoning the Forest; Lyndhurst’s past.


April 1994 - The Minister’s fact finding visit; The tourism juggernaut; Birds and beasts.


March 1994 - National Park delay; More wartime memories; Horse survey.


February 1994 - The draining of Balmer Lawn; Unrecorded place names.


January 1994 - Access to the inclosures; Notices on the Forest; County council rubbish tipping.


New Forest Notes 1993


December 1993 - New Forest explosives; Sports clubs’ demands; Slipped foals and battered Agisters.


November 1993 - Cattle subsidy chaos; Envy of Verderers; Helicopters.


October 1993 - The herbivores’ revenge; Ponies and picnic parties; Mystery of the lost lodge.


September 1993 - Tourists and badgers; Bombs; Chain saw restrictions.


August 1993 - A new council guardian for the Forest; A Forest of plans; Turf Hill Inclosure.


July 1993 - Heywood Sumner; Change at English Nature; Writing unwritten regulations.


June 1993 - Forest societies united; Privatisation; Rights after the railways; The new management plan.


May 1993 - A new benefit from common rights; Roger Newland; National Park on TV and radio; Killing rhododendrons.


April 1993 - The life-blood of the Forest; Pounds.


March 1993 - Burning the Forest; Holly pollarding; Timber extraction damage.


February 1993 - Verderers’ view on the National Park; The new Mandate; Lawn maintenance; E.S.A. for the New Forest?


January 1993 - Closing the net on riding damage; New Forest visit to the Broads; The Lyndhurst bypass; Dangerous chemical?


Forest Notes 1991


December 1991 - Firewood from the Forest; Point to point races; Verderers’ rewards; The Forest’s future; Holly; National Trust Christmas trees.


November 1991 - Forest rights of way; Bracken spraying; Forest election day.


October 1991 - Legacy of the storm; A fifth Agister for the Forest; Open government; Winter feed.


September 1991 - New landowners; Heathstone and Burley Rock; Departing Verderer; Contrasting recreational pressures.


August 1991 - A small victory for the Forest; Heritage Area report; Internal conflicts.


July 1991 - The Stoney Cross controversy; Verderers’ election; The New Forest speed limit.


June 1991 - Forest memorials; A31 road; The Cut Walk and the old Roman Bridge.


May 1991 - Official encroachments; Lawn mowings; Sheep problems again.


April 1991 - A National Park?; Literary Agisters; The New Forest Committee general meeting.


March 1991 - Winter feeding; The New Forest Heritage Area.


February 1991 - The New Forest Association; More concrete crushing; Charcoal burning.


January 1991 - Grids and fences; Mountain bikes; Lascelles’s iron plates.




New Forest Notes 1992


December 1992 - Forest road troubles; Squirrel versus beech; Continuing debate on the Forest’s future; Rifle range centenary.


November 1992 - Controlling Forest pony numbers; The Official Verderer; Special general meeting of the commoners.


October 1992 - National Park – dawn or sunset; A31 upgrading threat; Countryside Commission conference; Grazing in the Forest.


September 1992 - Broomy pound; Beehives past and present; Bracken spraying; Unwritten history.


August 1992 - Space at the Verderers’ Court; Water not oil; Yew trees; The Minsters Mandate.


July 1992 - Water from the Forest; Deer problems; Death by misadventure; Achievements of Forest ponies.


June 1992 - The Minister of Agriculture; Parting gifts from the Forest; Improving forest ponies; Rufus Stone problems; Pressures on the Forest.


May 1992 - The Forest’s threatened birds; Litter and vandalism; Controlled burning;


April 1992 - A question of breeding; How to buy part of the New Forest; April fools?; Mountain bikes again.


March 1992 - Illingworth and beyond; Vietnamese Privilege; Set Thorns camp.


February 1992 - One step nearer a National Park?; Righting old wrongs; Deputy Surveyors.


January 1992 - Horse problems; A new market for ponies; Holmsley gravel pit



New Forest Notes 1990


December 1990 - The vanishing airfield; Terry Jones; The draft Hampshire Structure Plan; Reservoirs; Clearing open Forest paths.


November 1990 - Land gold mines; Seedling firs.


October 1990 - Animal [accidents]; The pannage season; Local meetings.


September 1990 - Boiling troughs; New Verderer; Learning about the New Forest; Another commoners’ survey; The Forest at night.


August 1990 - New Forest Show controversy; A31 Cadnam to Ringwood road; Campden House Burley; Drifts and Marking Fees.


July 1990 - Court of Swainmote; Camping problems; Pound Bottom dump; Mushrooms.


June 1990 - New committees for old problems; Wartime memories; Drought .


May 1990 - Depastured sheep cause distress; The National Trust’s New Forest; Houses for commoners?




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